Farming simulator 2019 possible be more realistic?

Most of the farming simulator fans said that the farming simulator 2017 version was astonishing because of its realism but as all the technologies are developing extremely fast, all the game companies can lift us all to a brand new level where games step by step gets more and more realistic and who knows, maybe one day it will be as much realistic as the world we live in for real. Nevertheless that farming simulator 2017 should stun us all with all the machines, cars, buildings and other mods, it looks like that they are aiming for much more. All the fans throughout the world know this game as one of the most realistic game and so when this version will be released, fans numbers should increase dramatically.


One thought on “Farming simulator 2019 possible be more realistic?

  • March 3, 2017 at 5:05 pm

    Very much looking forward to the new version of the game


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